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Beyond Physical Therapy

A New Model for Health, Fitness, and Rehab

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

Sports Injury

Get Back to What You Love After Injury

After your comprehensive evaluation, you will learn better understand your condition, the best treatment strategies, and how to get back to your lifestyle. Our strategies will focus on your ability to get back to playing with your kids, running your race, returning to your hobby, or whatever your next goal is. Let me help.

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Performance Therapy

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Optimize Your Body
Stay Strong Healthy
Perform Your Best

This full-body examination is set to not only look at your strength and flexibility but to observe your quality of motion. Optimizing your movement skills will help make you more robust to reduce injuries, move better, get stronger, and perform your best.

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Free Discovery Visits

Doctor and Patient

Free Meeting to Determine if Evolve PT and Performance is Right for You.
All Your Questions Answered.

This meeting includes a discussion of your current situation and the best way to move forward. You will have a chance to ask a healthcare professional and coach any of your questions to see how we can serve you best.

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Physical Therapy Comes to You

I'm a mobile physical therapist that travels to your home, business, gym, or another convenient location to meet your needs in the Twin Cities area.


Health insurance and healthcare are the only options easily available to remove illness and stave off disease.

This program disrupts conventional healthcare by providing services to promote your health in all vital categories - nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, and social engagement. To do this, I use the combined skillsets of physical therapy, personal training, program design, and coaching to achieve your desired results, ensuring your health.

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