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Physical Therapy Mentorship

Mentorship can be hard to come by in the clinic as a PT or PTA.  Evolve provides orthopedic mentorship for providers in their early career to create opportunities for advancement as a provider and professional in the healthcare field.

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Orthopedic Clinical Mentorship

from a Certified Specialist

Jon Duellman provides clinical mentorship to the greater twin cities community for PTs and PTAs to advance practice and provide actionable feedback to improve without judgment. Most employers don't have the programs or the time to provide adequate mentorship to fresh provdiers.


Orthopedic Education and Journal Club to advance clinical practice knowledge and expertise.

New providers often want to learn the most current evidence in orthopedic physical tehrapy. Physical therapists may be interested in attaining the Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) credential from the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapists. For those interested in a program to meet the requirements, Evolve will provide a pathway to meeting your goal of advanced practice and/or a certification for greater opportunities in the field of physical therapy.


Professional and Leadership Guidance to increase opportunities for employment and advancement

Students and mentees are provided advice on early opportunities to improve your advancement as a provider, professional, and community partner.


Optional Business and Financial Resources and Advice

Jon Duellman is available for optional business mentorship and financial resources to discuss planning for your future career for students and mentees.


Let's Work Together

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