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The End of Your Physical Therapy is Your Return to Normal Exercise

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

This is a brief post to share something I strongly believe.

One concept I like to share with my patients early in their recovery is that our goal is to return them to normal exercise (not rehab exercise) as soon as possible.

By the time you finish your rehab process, you should be able complete normal exercise to maintain your health.

Any recovery should finish with the ability to maintain your health with both aerobic exercise and resistance training. Both of these provide tremendous benefits to our health. It's what makes us feel good when we live our lives and do the fun things we hope to enjoy.

Aerobic exercise provides immense health benefits to reduce heart and cardiovascular disease, chronic disease such as diabetes, and improve sleep as well as mental health.

The list of benefits for both aerobic and resistance exercise is crazy to ignore. If we truly understood how the investment pays off over time, we would commit to it for life. Unfortunately, many people don't focus on it until they are already ill.

While exercises in rehab will help you improve specifically with regards to your pathology or deficits, rarely are these enough to maintain your physical health comprehensively later. Often a combination of normal exercise supplemented with physical therapy exercises is the optimal end game.

I want all my physical therapy patients to understand the concept that my goal is to give you the best treatment to return to normal exercise to be healthy for your future health. The best prevention is to be proactive with our health including aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, proper nutrition, and high quality sleep.

Have an active day!




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