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Move More, Sit Less: What the Best Evidence Says about Physical Activity and Death

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

What does the research really say about sedentary behaviors versus physical activity?

It shouldn't surprise you, but it must be reminded.

In June 2019, the British Medical Journal published a systematic review and meta-analysis regarding the all-cause mortality related to physical activity. This research is the highest quality research methodology we consider. The study is looking at how physical activity affects all ways a person can die.

What did it say? Summary of Conclusions:

  1. Higher levels of physical activity at any intensity decreases death risk (mortality).

  2. Maximal Risk Reduction was seen at either 6 hours/day of light activity or 24 min/day moderate to vigorous exercise.

  3. Lower levels of sedentary time increased death risk.

  4. Greater than 9.5 hours daily spent sedentary increased risk of death

If we are moving more than we are sitting, we improve our health. I like this study because it shows it doesn't have to be a lot or incredibly intense to improve your health and risk your chance of death.

Have a physically active day!



Ekelund, Ulf, et al. “Dose-Response Associations between Accelerometry Measured Physical Activity and Sedentary Time and All Cause Mortality: Systematic Review and Harmonised Meta-Analysis.” BMJ, 21 Aug. 2019, p. l4570,, 10.1136/bmj.l4570. Accessed 19 Sept. 2019.


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