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Great Stuff: Maximizing Muscle Growth by Chris Beardsley

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Great Stuff is a series of articles from experts in health and fitness that I find very valuable to your understanding and application.


Chris Beardsley is a strength and conditioning expert. He is an incredible educator and his goal is to spread current research on the best strength and conditioning techniques and programming. He has been very helpful to my education throughout the years.

A couple weeks ago, Chris explained the current research on Sets and Reps each week for maximizing muscle growth. He goes into depth on the recent research in this area and his interpretation of the findings.

Please click here to read the full article. It has a lot to give.

Here's my summary and his recommendations:

5 sets to failure for each muscle group per session (most value)

Over 10 Sets may have a Negative Effect

With appropriate recovery this could be performed up to three times weekly (however, this has not been studied appropriately yet with most studies performing twice weekly.

There is so much more in Chris's full article that I hope you check out if you are interested in strength training.

Here it is again! Please click here to read the full article. Send him some love!

And don't forget! Nutrition is an important factor. If you don't get enough food and protein in particular, you won't gain the muscle.

Reference: Beardsley, C. (2019, August 4). What is the maximum number of stimulating reps that we can do in a workout for a muscle group? Retrieved August 16, 2019, from Medium website:


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