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My name is Jon Duellman.
I help people feel, move,
and perform better.

How Can I Help You?

Pain and Rehab

Recent Injury or Pain Stopping You?  


As a physical therapist, I can help get you moving and back to normal without having to take time away from the life you love.


Want to be Healthier, Stronger, and Perform Better?

I can be your guide and push you to meet your health and fitness goals without wasting time on your own.

Training Programs

Want to know the best way to Run Better? Lift More? Avoid Injury?


I provide high quality training programs to achieve your goals in a simple format.

Request Free 20 Min DiscoveRy Visit

Request a 1-on-1 Meeting with me to talk about your goals and find out if working with me would help you.

Request a FREE Call

Request a call with me to talk about your goals and what services may be right for you.

Ask About Cost and Availability

Learn more about my service. Also learn where and when I can work with you.

Services and Training


Learn How to Get Better

Talk to a physical therapist who cares about you and your concerns. In this online or phone call, you will learn about what is going on and the best plan to meet your goals.

Doctor and Patient
Sports Injury

Physical Therapy

Get Back to Your Life

Using a combination of manual therapy techniques and the best research in physical therapy practice, you will be provided a full physical therapy exam of the area in question. A plan will be developed to get you pain free and performing better than ever.

Performance Therapy and Coaching

Enhance Your Health, Fitness, Performance

Work with a physical therapist with expertise in strength and conditioning, running, and injury prevention. I can help you meet many goals within fitness, weight management, and other components of health.

Weight Lifting
Finishing Line

Running Programs

Train Hard, Prevent Injury, Run Fast

A comprehensive program will be provided that meets your goals and addresses your individual needs including injury prevention. You will be provided education and advice for ideal running habits as well.

Call Now!

Email Me!

Hi. I’m Jon Duellman.

I’m a physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach, and educator.  After completing residency and becoming a board-certified specialist in orthopedics, I knew I wanted to push the quality of care in physical therapy.

In my practice, I help people feel, move, and perform better with a holistic approach to physical therapy and performance. We go beyond the traditional physical therapy practice to look at your whole health not simply an injury or pain.

As an educator, I look for opportunities to share ways to improve your health and avoid injuries. I travel to gyms, businesses, and communities to teach all kinds of people how to optimize their health not just get rid of injuries or illness.

Hope you enjoy my website. Feel free to ask me questions anytime.


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